Are you dreaming of a home that reflects who you are?

From the moment you enter the room, a sense of warmth, comfort and luxury fill you with contentment. You realize that it feels right because it’s the home of your dreams. That’s the experience of those who have opened their doors to interior designs by Eric Ross. He provides truly personalized, enduring design solutions for every room in your home. With an eye for detail, Eric Ross Interiors specializes in helping you realize your vision for your home’s decor.

“Your home should represent who you are on your best day!”
— Eric Ross, Interior Designer

Our Approach

Initial Consult

Call and schedule a time for us to come out to your home to discuss your possible interior design project in Nashville. We will ask lifestyle questions of you and your family. This is an interview process for both the interior designer and the client. If the client agrees to move forward, we take a retainer and schedule our presentation, generally a week to 10 days later.

The Presentation

We come to your home to show you the new room design. We’ll have scale drawings of your room as well as new fabrics, trims and finishes. A day or two later you will receive a proposal with all costs itemized. All you have to do is say, “Yes, when do we get started?”


When it comes to this exciting phase of your project, we warehouse all furnishings, materials and accessories until everything is truly ready for execution. We will come to your home and execute the whole design in one day, coordinating and managing all partner resources and subcontractors that may be part of your installation. While you are away for the day, we will perfect and stage your interior for formal presentation down to every minute detail and accent.

The Reveal

What truly makes Eric Ross Interiors unique is the “reveal.” Once the project is complete you return to experience the grand opening of your new room.

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