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Boxwood Hill

There is nothing more Southern than a gracious welcome. It’s a tradition that we’re proud of and a principle that infuses the way we live, how we entertain, and how we decorate our spaces.

Boxwood Hill is the embodiment of that idea of gracious living. The stately home and grounds represent the classic tradition of Southern style, showcasing an appreciation of history that’s updated for modern life. It’s a timeless experience that honors art, craftsmanship, family, and hospitality, through a home that welcomes visitors with open arms.

A classic Georgian that’s almost 100 years old, Boxwood Hill has a sense of permanence and each room tells a story. You can feel it in every creak of the floor and each mirage seen through wavy glass. It is about living with beauty and history, but not in an overly grand or stuffy way. The rooms are intimate and delicately scaled, providing that relaxed welcome that’s at the core of Boxwood Hill’s gracious ideal.

The park-like setting of the estate includes over one hundred trees and two cottage-style guesthouses on 2 1⁄2 acres, right in the middle of a city going through a renaissance.
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Stay tuned for our new Boxwood Hill estate-inspired collections, with items created for the home, for entertaining, and for the garden. Each piece is classically detailed, designed with refinement and authenticity, ready to graciously welcome your family and guests.