It’s been 20+ years since I have been practicing Interior Design and beyond as a Nashville Interior Designer profession. Of course, like most decorators I know, I have been decorating houses almost all my life. I really can’t remember a time when I didn’t have an opinion about how to improve the home of an aunt, friend’s mom or my elder sister (we decorated my sister’s second house when I was 14 and we are in the middle of a redo on her current home over 30 years later!)

Top 5 Best Interior Designers in Nashville, TN

Are you on the lookout for exceptional interior design talent right here in Nashville, TN? As a dedicated connoisseur of interior design and a proud resident of Music City, I’ve had the pleasure of immersing myself in the work of some truly remarkable local designers. Nashville, renowned as the “it” city of the moment, is attracting a wave of newcomers, each seeking to infuse their living spaces with the city’s unique charm. While I’d love to collaborate with everyone, the reality is that I can’t. Hence, many often inquire, “Who else would you recommend?” It’s a tough question, given the wealth of talent in our midst, but I’ve curated a list of my top five Nashville interior designers who share my aesthetic sensibilities and commitment to excellence. Whether you’re seeking a modern minimalist vibe or a cozy, rustic retreat, these designers exemplify the diverse creativity and innovative flair that define Nashville’s vibrant design scene.

Showcased below are 5 of my Top Nashville Interior Designers.

Nashville Interior Designs – Mark Simmons, Mark Simmons Interiors

Mark Simmons has been a Nashville Interior Design hero of mine since I moved to Nashville in 1994. I have drooled over too many of his rooms to mention. He is an old-school decorator. (This is my highest compliment, for sure!) What this means is that Mark uses time-honored fabrics that showcase classic motifs. Fern prints in a sunroom, damask in the dining room and plaids in a gentleman’s study, all perfectly picked to create rooms that are oozing in tradition. In my mind, he is the best.

Mark Simmons - Nashville Top 5 Interior Designs | Eric Ross Interiors

Mark Simmons – Traditional Home O’More ShowHouse

Nashville Interior Designs – Roger Higgins, R. Higgins Interiors

Roger Higgins’ rooms are elegantly rough and refined at the same time. He uses texture in a way that pleases the sense of sight and touch. I love his use of deep colors with soft pastels to provide contrast to a room that also plays to the tension between the masculine and feminine. This is a motif I use in many of my own designs. I like to take what I call a “sweet” color and ground it with a dark coordinate. This makes rooms easy to live in because they play to a formal and casual quality at the same time.

R. Higgins - Nashville Top 5 Interior Designs | Eric Ross Interiors

R. Higgins Interiors

Interior Designs in Nashville, TN – Kathleen Evers, K. Evers Interiors

I describe Kathleen Evers’ rooms as picture perfect. Every time I enter one of her rooms I stop and stare. I find myself unable to even more forward as I stop to take in every detail. She is adept at curating beautiful and poignant art in the rooms I’ve been blessed to experience in person. I would also describe her work as meticulous, meaning no detail has been left to chance.

K. Ever - Nashville Top 5 Interior Designs | Eric Ross Interiors

K. Ever Interiors – Traditional Home O’More ShowHouse

Interior Designs in Nashville, TN – Sarah Bartholomew, Sarah Bartholomew Design

For someone who loves Blue and White porcelain as much as I do, Sarah Bartholomew’s Interior Design rooms in Nashville are some of my favorites. Her own home here in Nashville was featured in the September 2016 issue of Southern Living and it was a tour de force. She has revived classic patterns decorators have been using for decades, using them with relaxed sisals and linens, opening them to a more casual lifestyle. This is so exciting because this younger approach brings a freshness to her rooms and has brought traditional patterns and colors, as well as curated antiques back to the forefront of trends today. Her rooms are breathtakingly bright and happy.

Sarah Bartholomew - Nashville Top 5 Interior Designs | Eric Ross Interiors

Sarah Bartholomew – House Beautiful – July 2016

Interior Designs in Nashville – Carolyn Kendall, Alcott Interiors

What I love about Carolyn Kendall’s rooms is how luxurious they are. I met Carolyn for the first time a few years ago attending the Antiques and Garden Show of Nashville. Her booth is always the first one as you enter and her showmanship is grand indeed! I always just stop and stare to take in all the fine fabrics and antiques. Then I slowly walk through and find the most elegant pieces. I still mourn over a pair of French bergere chairs in the most delicious cocoa suede that I let slip by. That booth is a microcosm of her homes and rooms, expertly curated with refined wall coverings, fabrics and antiques. Even though she showcases the most elegant antiques, I wouldn’t call her rooms precious. The rooms are beautiful and livable, and most importantly, pack a WOW factor.

Alcott Interiors Booth - Nashville Top 5 Interior Designs | Eric Ross Interiors

Alcott Interiors Booth at the Antiques and Garden Show

This is not an exhaustive list, as I admire so many other interior designers in Nashville, TN, with tastes and looks very different from my own. But if you are looking for the best traditional designers in Nashville, this is the go-to list, unless you must have me, in which case, I completely understand. I am humbled to group myself, Eric Ross Interiors with this esteemed list of best Nashville Interior Designers and Decorators.

Eric Ross Interiors - Nashville Top 5 Interior Designs

Eric Ross Interiors – My Top Interior Designers in Nashville, TN