I love a collection and I try to always make them feel more authentic and approachable for others to enjoy by placing them in context to other objects.  Books are particularly good as accompaniments to porcelain and pottery bc they offer a soft counterpoint to the glint and sheen of the dishes.  It’s always good to place alike items to create a visual link among all of the items.


I think this is a rather handsome Jasperware display for a man’s living room we did a year ago.  Notice the cherub figure reinforces the figural images on the porcelain.


Mulberry Transferware collection in Welsh Cupboard.


Family Photos can always create an easy collection.  The sepia tone of the images are complementary to each other, making it feel cohesive.


This family of Dog Lovers has created charm in this display of Canine Figurines.  (Well, I created the arrangement, but the items were all theirs!)

Take time to arrange like items together to really amplify the impact of your collections today!