One Luminous Evening – The Nashville Antiques & Garden Show

The Nashville Antiques & Garden Show is one of my favorite events each year, not only for the incredible antiques but for the romantic garden settings and the chance to enjoy my colleagues in the design industry who make it a point to attend each year. The 29th show wrapped up several weeks ago, the antiques that were purchased by avid collectors raising money for Cheekwood Estate & Gardens and the Economic Club of Nashville, two highly worthy organizations.

Eric Ross and Ruthann Ross, Nashville interior design firm, Eric Ross Interiors.

Golden Benefactors Reception

We also had the opportunity to host a lovely dinner for the design community in Nashville, TN at Boxwood Hill, an evening co-sponsored by Currey & Company. This was our first formal dinner and the luminosity of the candlelight glinting above the lush table settings Ruthann created turned the rooms into flame-dappled spaces. It’s as if the event was foreshadowing Valentine’s Day today, and not just because Boxwood Hill is our latest labor of love, but because the show we were attending has been a Valentine’s tradition for me and Ruthann for years.

Eric and Ruthann Ross with Bethanne Matari, Nashville interior designers for your next design project, call Eric Ross Interior Design today.

Our dear co-host, Bethanne Matari with Currey & Co. The string of events surrounding the Nashville show used to unfold during the week of Valentine’s every year so Ruthann and I decided we would attend rather than plan a special dinner out on the town. We spent the weekend each year doing what we loved, collecting. It was such a perfect fit because we have both been avid collectors since before we were married, a passion that has remained steadfast during the 24 years since we’ve been husband and wife.

Nashville interior design, Eric Ross's home, interior designers in Nashville, TN for your next project.

We found the events and the show to be much more satisfying than trying to make a dinner special when the restaurants were over-crowded and we were being rushed to leave. Treasures akin to the ones we found at the show each year served as the foundation for the tablescapes Ruthann created for our designer dinner. We’ve been collecting blue and white since before we were married, and we have always believed in serving people on the dishes we collect. This was the perfect opportunity to do so.

Blue and White Italian Porcelain Florals, mixed with English Biscuit Jars, Nashville interior design by Eric Ross Interiors.

Blue and White Italian Porcelain Florals, mixed with English Biscuit Jars

Of course, you know by now if you’re a regular reader of the blog that Boxwood Hill is one of a dozen homes featured in my forthcoming book Enduring Southern Homes. Along with co-hosting the dinner in Nashville, TN, several weeks ago, Bethanne Matari (Pictured above) of Currey & Company is giving me the opportunity to sign the book in their showroom during High Point Market.  Stay tuned for all the details as we draw closer to the event that will take place on April 7th.

To see why Currey & Company is so special, take the time to read this post further highlighting our evening at Boxwood Hill in Nashville and describing their efforts to make their High Point showroom environmentally friendly. The post will illustrate why I like to work with Currey & Company: there is feeling behind everything they do, just as there is for me.