Let’s talk about outdoor spaces.  It is springtime after all.IMG_2983

At our mountain home, Roostica Cottage, we had a sad, dilapidated deck, which we enclosed into a screened porch.  Because, the most amazing part of the cottage is the view of the lake in the back.


You know what else every porch needs?  An outdoor fireplace.  This is a must in the mountains.  It’s perfect for chilly evenings.

IMG_2955This house did have an eyesore of a basement stairwell off the back of the house.  What to do.  I cannot look at that add-on staircase.  It limits my relaxation mojo.IMG_1756

So, I turned it into a design feature– a custom Daybed!  It really is the perfect place to recline and relax.IMG_1211

For the exterior, you MUST go with a dark color in the mountains.  In Highlands, it rains almost every day for a bit, so white wouldn’t work.  It would look filthy in a year.  Many of the home are a sludgy green, which I also love.  But, I thought Hale Navy from Benjamin Moore would be perfect.  What do you think??IS5qn9xn2knf441000000000

Roostica Cottage - Highlands, NC

Roostica Cottage – Highlands, NC

If you want to see more of Roostica Cottage, check out our website – www.roosticacottage.com, or VRBO.  It’s open for rentals so you could enjoy in person.