I just want to talk about Decorating…

Ok, so it has come to my attention that the world is full of bad news.  I know, most of you were probably already aware, but I am so focused on making the world beautiful, one room at a time, that I can be hyper-focused on just that.  After all, that’s what my interior design clients pay me for.

But in a world so full of bad news, I just want to talk about decorating.   Today’s Topic – Mountain Living


For years Ruthann and I have wanted a mountain home.  It’s the perfect excuse to decorate with horn and wood.  And, my family loves the outdoors, but I really want to come home to a well appointed retreat after a day in the woods.  So after a hunt for the perfect little cottage, we found one in Highlands, NC.  We promptly redecorated it.  (This is where you mutter to yourself…”well, of course you did, Eric.”)

I knew exactly how I wanted it to look and feel.  Comfortable and charming.  We named it Roostica Cottage, inspired by the carved and painted rooster on the front screen door. IMG_2741low_res

Ok, so most people, when decorating a mountain home do logs, moose and cow hide.  Well, not this city boy.  As with most things, I prefer a more, hmmmm, romantic version of the real thing.  I mean, reality is brutal enough on it’s own.

Eric Ross Style -Living/Dining Rooms


So, we painted almost all of the exposed wood to create a more “on-trend” look of lap siding.  This also gave the time-worn cottage a younger, fresher face.  It gives the room an ethereal quality. Look at the light pouring in the windows and how the white paint bounces all that light!  But notice the yin to the yang.  The stone fireplace brings a nice contrast to give a masculine feel as well.


Roostica Cottage is, well, we’ll call it…Intimate.  It’s only 2,000 square feet. In order to keep it from looking cluttered, I used a similar color scheme throughout the public spaces.  Gray and yellow is another trend that I don’t use often in client’s homes.  It helps keep the spaces light and airy.

If you’d like to see more of Roostica Cottage, check out our website www.roosticacottage.com, pinterest or VRBO.  It’s open for rentals, so you could enjoy in person.IMG_1754