Mid-Century Modern is back and I don’t get it. In fact, in the spirit of full disclosure I’m not really for anything past the 1930’s — of course, I’m speaking entirely of interior décor. However, the design dictators of the world (or at least at Highpoint Market) disagree with me and nods of the 50’s through the 70’s raised their clean lines and utilitarian heads, defying me and my ardent commitment to traditionalism.



All around market, low slung, armless chairs proved that dorm rooms across the country are surprisingly on trend! Students, stop your whining! Designers chose to cover these mid-century pieces in more traditional fabric, attempting to freshen up the look.


Wesley Hall

Trim is also making a come back.  After a few years of the clean edges of simple band or cords, we are seeing a lot more visibility of nail head trim on chairs and tables, and short-stubby caterpillar fringe or bright bands on pillows. 


Wesley Hall

Now, don’t read this and ask me to make your entire house a vision in Coral Chinoiserie with caterpillar fringe (Though I imagine, this would get a lot of attention!) These are TRENDS, which by definition mean that they will come and go.  It’s my job to recommend which pieces to add to your collection or reflect in your décor.  If you are investing a lot of money in your home, I will make sure you don’t hate the very thought of walking through your front door in 2 years time.  Everything in moderation, y’all! Even blue & white!

All this brought to you, courtesy of moi, and a little thing I like to call #RedemptiveDesign