As I am winding down from the whirlwind that is market, I am simultaneously gearing up for applying my favorite trends to my clients homes. Though my design methods are in a constant state of flux, my love for all things luxurious stays consistent.


Wesley Hall

Not coincidentally, the word that kept appearing this year at Highpoint was “Luxe” and that luxury look and feel was the most prevalent theme across market.  Richness of fabrics, like velvet or tapestry, and fine finishes on everything from wood to metal.



Luxurious metal, you ask? Why yes, dears, unlaquered brass.  This isn’t the glitzy touches of the 80s brass fixtures that your mother still has in her powder room, but the expensive look of an aged brass that reflects a glint of light without the blinding shine.

With wood, there is a lean towards more traditional finishes; not mahogany as such, but more natural wood tones, with textured touches created by hand-scraping or wire brushing.  This adds a wonderful depth to the wood that makes you just have to reach out and touch it!


Wesley Hall


Not that I’d dream of saying “I told you so” (Ok, I would.) Chinoiserie was highly visible. Notable were Wesley Hall inc, who upholstered their walls with dragon fabric, and Global Views who’s centerpiece as you entered was a vignette of 4 bright coral chairs with pagoda-shaped backs and pagoda upholstery.  Pure luxury.

global views

Global Views

In addition to natural materials, there was another memorable trend: If I say “Ralph Lauren” then you’re either thinking of freckled blondes in polo shirts or another ‘look’ that’s coming back into style.  Right now, I’m talking about the second one.


Photo by Michael Partenio

There is a return of this classic, heavier look, with dark jewel tones and plaid.  2014’s take is slightly brighter than the 80s, with peacock, teal and a yellow-based red replacing the burgundy, green and navy of your father’s home office.


Global Views

What’s heading out of style (Praise the Lord and pass the Scotch!) is the Belgian Farmhouse look that has dominated over the past years.  It was a great relief to my eyes and my heart to not be faced with walls of grey driftwood, and “shabby eek” dressers.

Our final Highpoint Market update will come with the exciting world of furniture and trim. Stay tuned!