5 ways to decorate with romance from Nashville interior designers, Eric Ross Interiors, interior design for the bedroom and beyond.

Valentines may have been last Friday, but romance doesn’t have to be restricted to once a year in your home.

It may sound cliché, but the best place to decorate with a romantic palette is the bedroom.  For me as an interior designer, a romantic space has a soft, feminine feel, and this is particularly important in a bedroom.

The bedroom is the room in your home where you are the most vulnerable:  You’re emotionally at rest, and physically undressed; getting in and out of the shower, and ready for bed or the day ahead.

Interior design in the bedroom, Nashville interior designers, Eric Ross Interiors specializes in interior design and decoration.


Although many of my clients still want hardwoods in their master suites, I’m a big fan of wall-to-wall carpet in bedrooms.  It’s lush under foot for comfort and it keeps the room much warmer in the winter months.  Carpet also deadens the sound of a room by absorbing the sound waves, and therefore creates a more gentle and restful ambiance.

Bedroom interior design by Nashville interior designers, Eric Ross Interiors, voted best interior designer in Nashville, TN.


I love adding layers of sheers across windows in bedrooms. This filters the light coming into the room, and takes away the glare that uncovered windows can deliver.  Along with this diffused light, the movement of the lightweight fabric behind the heavier blackout drapes creates a beautiful sense of movement.

Florals, pillows, Matalassé and interior design by Eric Ross, interior designers in Nashville, TN.


Nothing says “soft” and “fresh” better than florals, pillows and Matalassé.  I had a client who once showed me a throw that featured geometric Matalassé rather than floral or fleur-de-lis, and commented “I think I’ve found a more masculine matalassé”, to which we both laughed out loud.  “Honey, there ain’t nothing masculine about a word that ends in an accent mark!”

Master bedroom interior design by Eric Ross Interiors, interior designers in Nashville, TN.


That said, if the man in your life is nervous of his retreat becoming too frou frou for his tastes, nothing says masculinity better than the architectural nature and clean structures of a four poster bed.


It is possible to go too far, people.  Stop.  Look around.  Does your bedroom look like a Mariah Carey video?  You’ve gone too far.

All this brought to you courtesy of moi, and a little thing I call redemptive design.