Pillow talk

Let’ s talk pillows! Ain’t no design remedy easier than tossing some fresh pillows into a sad situation. Just this morning I took a load of pillows over to a client’s house to spruce up her front entry. Pillows not only add color and interest to any area, but also comfort.
Oddly,  people are actually afraid of pillows! When guests come into my living room and face my couch, I swear I see intimidation on their faces. Some people will just come right out and say, “What should I do with the pillows?” To which I always answer, “Sit on them! They aren’t diamonds, you know.”
Just because pillows are beautiful doesn’t mean they are precious. Soft furnishings serve a functional purpose: to make you comfortable! Couches and beds are a one-size-fits-all deal. So, you add the pillows to make each body more comfortable. Stick one under your arm, add one behind your back, snuggle with one! If all else fails, throw them on the floor. In fact, my daughter Julianne builds forts with ours (even though they cost a small fortune!). But, my point stands. Pillows have a purpose.
But let’s not be too practical, pillows are pretty, too! If you want to add some flamboyance without a massive design commitment. Add a little note of drama with a pillow!
So, down to the brass tacks of pillows (Oh gosh, that would hurt!). How many pillows does a bed need? How big should my couch pillows be? Well, of course, there are no hard and fast rules—this is an art, you know. However, design guidelines are helpful.
For Beds
Queen size: 2x Euro (27 x 27 squares)
                      2x standard
King size:  3x Euros
                    2x king shams
I know what you are thinking: Five Pillows! On one bed! But really, it’s all about proportions. If you have a king size bed with only two pillows, it looks all Beetlejuice. You know: Small head, big body.
For Sofa
Small room: 2 x 18-inch pillows
Bigger room: 2x 22-inch pillows
Another loose guideline that I design by is, when trimming a pillow, I add fringe on printed fabrics and cords on striped. Most of the pillows that I get are custom, and I order fabrics from my trusted sources. When I do order pillows, one of my fav suppliers is Square Feathers, a fabric store out of Dallas. Check out their super adorable fabrics for little girls rooms. Today, I brought over some pillows from V Home, a Miami outdoor pillow designer. These things are made with petrified wood! Glam to the nines!
This pillow talk has been brought to you complements of moi and a little thing I like to call Redemptive Design!