Bold colors and expressive fabric patterns create the perfect design match in this inviting master suite.

It’s a little known fact that designers keep special fabrics aside for when the right client comes along. I’m inundated with the newest, most luxurious fabrics and the most amazing ones lay-in-wait on my desk. So when I had a client that loved color and expressive patterns, I knew she was the perfect fit for one of the newest of my special reserve.

The special fabric I chose to use as the lead fabric in the room I refer to as “confetti.” It is a bold stripe of turquoise, tangerine, melon and raspberry with a woven stylized floral. The bold stripes remind me of a circus tent and the colors look like a canon fire of confetti. So, since it is a bedroom, I tempered the carnival atmosphere with a duck-egg blue accent wall and drapery panels. I went with the darker shade of peacock for the bedding and custom chaise lounge. All this created a more serene look that is more suitable in a bedroom.

Keeping with the serene mood, I selected a companion sheer that pulls out the woven floral pattern of the lead fabric. If the budget allows, a sheer is a must in a bedroom. Nothing creates a more ethereal mood than a sheer, because it diffuses the natural light beautifully. I repeated the same pattern in the broadloom carpeting we used as the new flooring in the room. This repetition of pattern creates a dialogue between the windows and the floor making the finished room more cohesive.

Oh, and we didn’t forget the on-suite bathroom. We pulled the same expressive fabric for the roman shade over the tub and repeated the soft blue color on the walls. This, and the playful towels and accessories perfectly rounds out the design of the two spaces creating a more spa-like retreat.

When the perfect fabric meets the perfect client the result is better than perfect—it’s a match made in design heaven!