Importance of Interior Design

September 01, 2010 by

Residential Interior Design

There have been many studies regarding the importance of interior design, both in the areas of residential and commercial design.  Researchers have found that in the workplace, well-designed spaces can reduce absenteeism and increase productivity.  In the home, well-organized and visually appealing living spaces can improve quality of life by improving sleep quality and fostering an environment where the family stays home more often.

Hiring an Interior Designer

For these and many other reasons, it’s important to look at the home not just as a place to keep one’s possessions, but also as a haven.  The best way to ensure success when creating such a retreat for you and your family is to hire an interior designer in Nashville, TN.  Interior designers bring experience and expertise so that you know the money you are investing is spent in the right areas.

The most important tool an interior designer has is his ability to ask the right questions and to listen to the client’s response.  Some of the questions I ask in the initial consultation are: 1) who will use the rooms; 2) how will the rooms be used; and 3) how the client wants the rooms to look and feel.  I always ask the client to supply pictures, if possible, of what inspires them and what interiors they respond to.  This goes a long way in establishing a design direction from which we plan our “look” for the new room.

I always remind my clients (and myself) there are no right or wrong answers in design; just guidelines that help keep us on course to a beautiful result—a room to enjoy visually and physically.