Are You Giving Guests Your Best?


You may consider me a mere dog, but even I don’t want anything to do with something called a “Mud Room.” I might muss my fabulous fur!

Darby Butlers Pantry

So when creating the “friends” entrance for our home in Franklin, TN, I designed something that would greet my furry friends with a neat and tidy, cheerful Wallpaper Welcome!! I mean, who wants to trip over backpacks and shoes that have been carelessly slung into dinged up walls? I shutter! I am NOT a fan of a cluttered “catch-all.”

Coat closet


Also, because our home didn’t have a proper “butler’s pantry” we decided to store our coats in a nearby closet and use the back entry area as a place to show off our pretty collection of Blue and White Dishes. As our guests sneak off to “do their business” in the Powder Bath, they get a pretty perusal of treasures we’ve collected over the years. While in the potty, they are treated to pretty guest towels and another special wallpaper complimented by lush window treatments.

Powder Bath

After scrubbing their paws, guests can swipe a chocolate treat as they return to the party. Humans always love being able to enjoy a luscious little treat, too. Guilty Pleasures! Oh, and of course, my treats are kept in a fabulous Blue and White Decanter next to the human treats. Keep it cute, kids, and give your guests the BEST!

Counter Display

These tips courtesy of #DarbyDoesDesign and a little thing my human likes to call #RedemptiveDesign