Darlings, do come in! Experience the glories of my luxurious, yet livable home found in the center of what many consider the most beloved small town in the US. Indeed, magazine Garden & Gun found Franklin, TN to be the Greatest Southern Town 2014. You’ll find my abode to be a compelling walk through the elements and the history of design, the cavalier breed, and Southern gentility.

10365999_650820421639859_1578969404389443667_nAs is the manner of all Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, I demand opulence, tradition, and comfort and my manor reflects these traits. My entire home carries a British and Victorian sensibility. But first, we must start in the entry hall.


Allow me to direct your attention toward the Lee Jofa wallpaper, which sets the tone for the entire ambience. Blue and White are my signature colors. The Ross’, greatly influenced by my taste, often wonder aloud if they should have ordered me in blue and white. But alas, my breed only comes in earthy hues.

DarbyEdits72-27Look closely, my loves.  Direct your gaze upon the repeating pagodas in the Willow Lake Printed Grasscloth wallpaper. Chinoiserie. According to Wendell Garrett —a Sotheby’s consultant —who has written prolifically about the history of chinoiserie, the term itself is generally reserved for objects made in the late 17th and throughout the 18th Century which imitate ancient Chinese silks and blue & white porcelains. Another thing that could be said about pagodas is that they are a favorite motif of million dollar decorator Mary McDonald {#prettypagoda.}.

DarbyEdits72-28The antique chest of drawers was purchased at Scott’s Antiques on weekend jaunt to Atlanta. The runner, a Persian Oushak from Persian Galleries right here in Brentwood. A home without Persians could not truly be considered a home, now could it? Please do notice the Starbust mirror and the entry lanterns. These are Eric’s modern indulgences and I take no credit for their place in our home. However, I will concede that Eric’s touches often add a modern twist on the Traditional aesthetic that is demanded in this era.


Sadly, this part of the tour must come to a brief pause while I take my rest. As I lay in repose I’ll remember your looks of admiration and envy. They keep me going. For that, I thank you.

Your dog,




{Stay tuned for next time when Darby leads us through the dog days of summer.}

Photography credit: David Braud Photography