Ladies and Gentlemen! Announcing Pantone’s color of the year:

Radiant Orchid

Along with this announcement, I’d like to add the all-important truism: Less is more! Of course, if you know yourself and your style well—possibly one that floats scandalously between the violence of red and the icy cold of blue—decorating with purple could make a statement you want. In that case, go for it. For others just wanting to get on the band wagon, here are some tips for using radiant orchid in more traditional moderation.

Screenshot 2014-01-13 19.44.14

1. Decorate with actual orchids. Purple is the complementary of green. Sitting opposite on the color wheel, these colors bring out the best in one another. If you followed the emerald trend from last year, adding a vase of orchids to a green room will brighten both colors remarkably.


2. Refresh your barware with orchid milk glasses.  A few pieces of antique milk glasses or buy new purple cocktail tumblers is an easy way to add the romance of purple.


3. Throw some radiance on your couch. Tossing a luxuriously purple throw or a princely purple-patterned pillow (say that five times) on the back of your couch will add some royal pop to your year.

Here’s to a marvelously radiant 2014! Complements of moi and a little thing I like to call #RedemptiveDesign.