Seven Interior Design Essentials for Every Room

Sometimes the obvious must be spelled out. When thinking about designing a room, there are 7 vital interior design essentials that make a completed room. If you are wondering how to complete a room, refer to this list. Go through the list, making mental checks. Once you stop on one that your room doesn’t have, that is the place to start!

 1. Window Treatments

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Imagine me, marching down Main Street with a trumpet. What am I trumpeting about? Window Treatments! You are NOT finished decorating your room if you don’t have window treatments. For a more detailed explanation about choosing window treatments, check out my video tutorial.

2. The Perfect Paint Color

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I’m obsessed with blue. Turquoise, oxford, navy, Persian, powder, cornflower, Tiffany…Should I go on? What are you obsessed with? What color inspires you? Follow color trends on! Not signed up? Shame on you! Do it here.

 3. Good Storage

Listen, it’s not just that you need space to store things. You need an organizational system that any 10 year-old could follow. Books? Here. Shoes? In There.

 4. Ample Seating

Indoor patio by Eric Ross, interior designer in Nashville, TN.

All good things come in pairs.

When in doubt, double up. Twins, pairs, two-fers, BOGO’s. Everything good comes in pairs: arms, legs, eyes. See what I mean? Same with decorating. Symmetry is an essential element of beauty. Matching wingback armchairs? Yes, please.

5. Good Lighting

Nashville interior designers discuss the importance of lighting in interior design.

How do you know what kind of lighting you need in your home? My personal favorite is the MR-16 lamps. However, if you have portraiture in a room, you absolutely must have a light fixture that highlights the painting. 

6. Durable Floor Covering

You can spend a load of money on beautiful floor coverings, but if your rugs aren’t durable, radiant turns ragged in no time. It’s more expensive to replace and reinstall something new, so get the quality cover the first time around.

7. Accessories

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It’s the little things that console us: the picture frames, the golden vases, our precious knick-knacks. These are the things that make a house a home. When interior design clients decide to forgo this “finishing” stage of design, I never quite feel like I’ve accomplished my purpose.


Complements of moi and a little thing I like to call (hashtag!) Redemptive Design.  -Eric Ross Interiors