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Interior Design in the Bedroom

The newest interior design trend in bedrooms is to create a spa retreat.  Clients are asking to design havens, not only for themselves, but for guests and children, as well.

When creating a spa retreat a few of my “must-haves” are:

Lush bedding.  My definition of lush is ample.  All the linens should compliment one another.  If you like a monochromatic color scheme, just repeat the same color on sheets, blankets, comforters and pillows.  Don’t think, ”no one sees the pillow cases.”  Every detail builds on the other to create a true spa experience.

Matching towels and soaps.  The bathroom is such an integral part of the spa experience.  I have a simple equation for bath towels.  I select two colors of towels and buy 2 of each in body, hand, and washcloth size.  This creates a more dynamic display.  And, don’t forget soaps.  Whether you supply a bar or body wash, it should complement the color story.

A place to sit—other than the bed!  A must in every spa retreat is a chair and ottoman or a chaise lounge.  The bed is for sleeping, but the chair or chaise is for lounging.  This allows the user a place to read or more comfortably put on shoes, etc. when dressing and allows an opportunity to create another “moment” for the user to escape.   If space allows, I try to place a chair in the bathroom.  This is a true luxury for dressing or applying make up.

Don’t forget the closet.  More and more my clients are requesting that I include their closets in their spa retreats.  Even something as simple as painting the walls the same color as the bedroom or bath helps carry the look into the closet.   Another trick–hang a chandelier overhead instead of a fluorescent.  This helps create the illusion that this is a room.  And, if the budget allows, select a beautiful wallcovering or small ottoman to round out the effect.