Bold bright colors, unique art and creative accessories blend fun with function in these children’s rooms.

The client wanted one room for her five and three year-old little girls to share, and one room for the five year-old, just in case the shared sleeping quarters didn’t work out the way she planned.  This second space also needed to serve as a guest room when grandparents visited.

We chose hot pink and orange for the three year-old, because both girls would love its energy and excitement. However, for the five year-old’s room, I wanted a color scheme an adult could handle when staying as a guest. So, we chose turquoise and chartreuse.

Since sleeping and dressing was the priority in the small, shared bedroom, the mother wanted bunk beds for sleeping. Although they can be difficult to make each morning, children love them, and it allows for a very strong visual effect. I found a bundle of graphic pillows and created a dramatic display. Of course, painting the beds hot pink also made them show-stoppers.

The five year-old bedroom / guest room became another wonderland. I found a great Suzani print matelasse that we used on the client’s existing bed and added some bold floral pillows. I repeated the Moorish pattern on a custom dust skirt and window treatment to match the new chair. The chair can be used for reading with a parent or for a guest to put on shoes or drop an overnight bag.

Hot pink and orange, turquoise and chartreuse — these could be considered daring choices for some. But the combination of bold color choices, specialty bedding, art and accessories, created havens for both children and adults to enjoy.