A freshly redesigned TV lounge allows greater functional flexibility and creates an inviting space for many to enjoy.

When a client allows me to create an environment for him or her free of design boundaries, it is truly a gift.  So when my existing clients asked me to redecorate the den in their home, givng me the complete freedom to “see what I come up with,” I was overcome with possibilities.

In order to create a flexible living space and accomplish the various functional needs of the new den (rechristened TV lounge), I established three distinct zones:

Zone 1 is the television-viewing zone, directly in front of the wall-mounted flat panel television.  I created seating for 6 in that area by placing 2 recliners directly in front of the television, a sofa on one side and a daybed on the other.  To center the arrangement I placed a large cocktail table in the middle for beverages or propping up feet.

Zone 2 is the activity area, located behind the TV zone. This section of the room features a game table and chairs — ideal for eating pizza, popcorn, playing cards or putting together a puzzle with the grandchildren.

Zone 3 is the lounge area, also behind the TV zone.  Family and friends can enjoy adequate separation from a game or movie to sit and read or have a quiet conversation in this comfortable setting.

Utilizing the available floor space in the room allowed me to give the clients great flexibility when using the room.  Whether watching TV, reading a book or visiting with grandchildren, the multiple functions of this new TV lounge make it a useful new space for many to enjoy.