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A Growing Trend in Interior Design

Spring feels like it came and went in the bat of an eye, but I don’t want it to pass without noting that there’s nothing like spring!  It always takes my breath away.  When Spring’s verdant green hues come on so brightly it makes all spring’s bouquet shout, “I’m alive!”

When I think about spring, I can’t help but associate it with youth and rebirth.  So, I thought I share with you a growing trend in design–children’s rooms.  I have found in my experience that when parents are willing to have a child’s room designed, the child is more motivated to keep it nice and tidy.

As with any interior design scheme, look for inspiration to help determine a design direction.  Spring’s exuberant colors were my inspiration for two children’s rooms I recently installed.  The first decision was to use bold colors.  Sticking with a two-color scheme makes decision-making easier and the end result more youthful.

Children’s rooms are so fun to do because you can really be whimsical.  Don’t be afraid to use exaggerated colors, bright bedding and toys.  One budget saver I often use often is to incorporate toys as accessories.  Does the child have a favorite stuffed animal or story book-use it!  Don’t overlook items like dress-up items, such as tiaras or pistols.

In this day and age, even children are developing a design asthetic.  Help them create their own sense of style by transforming their sleeping quarters into their own haven.  They’ll appreciate the attention from you and will learn how to treat a well designed home.