Wallcovering…Back in Style?

September 10, 2010 by

If you spend any time reading shelter magazines, you have noticed the resurgence of wallcoverings.  Almost every room photographed has wallcovering in it.  Whether it’s paper or fabric, interior designers are using more patterns on the walls of some of America’s most beautiful homes.

Wallcovering has been around since before the Victorian era, but became extremely popular during this time in history because it allowed a more economical way to decorate the walls than the traditional use of fabric.  Today it allows the use of more patterns and textures in rooms to create a layered, dynamic interior.

Personally, I’ve always used wallcovering in my home designs.  It is especially useful in a bathroom, where there are limited surfaces on which to use a pattern and helps soften an otherwise urbane and barren landscape of tile and tub.

Not only is wallcovering beautiful, it is far more durable than paint. Most wallcoverings today have a clear vinyl coating to make clean up easy with just soap and water; and, many of them are printed on non-woven substrates, which makes for easy removal.  As an interior designer in Nashville, TN, I always recommend a wallcovering in tight hallways, back entrances, and bathrooms where little hands and heavy traffic tend to leave their marks.

For these reasons and more, wallcovering is gaining more momentum in design.  So if it’s for the sheer beauty of the design or if you need a bulletproof surface, use wallcovering in your next interior design project.