Cover Your World…With Carpet!

April 01, 2011 by

Believe it or not, carpet is an increasing trend as a flooring material in home design.  Looking to Europe as a leader in design trends, more and more designers there are using broadloom, or wall-to-wall as some refer to it, as flooring.  And, they are not just using it in bedrooms.  Even living and dining areas are showcasing this underutilized product.

Broadloom carpet has come a long way in the last ten years.  Not only have carpet manufacturers improved its durability; they have aggressively introduced more design forward product.  Manufacturers have made considerable investments in equipment in order to make a more dynamic product, such as multiple colors in one carpet.  Just a few years ago this was only available in high-end goods, but today, even entry-level products offer multiple colors and yarn weave types.  This has helped bolster new enthusiasm from designers and more opportunities to turn to carpet as a finished flooring material.

There are many benefits to using carpet for your next design project.  One is, of course, cost.  Broadloom is significantly cheaper than hardwood.  It also provides amazing acoustical advantages over hardwood and tile.  Also, with hardwood, clients forget that once you pay for hardwood, you have to purchase an area rug to cover your hardwood.  Current trends dictate that we use more color, pattern and texture, which create dramatic effects in rooms. Carpet can be the perfect way to achieve a richly layered effect.


Consider broadloom carpet for your next project.  You’ll be surprised at all the benefits and options available.