6 Things Every Antique Collector Must Have: Part 2

March 07, 2014 by



There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to dishes; it’s all down to personal taste (unfortunately).

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Whether they’re displayed on a table, in a book case, or on a wall, the glint of the surface polish of plates create interesting play with the light in a room.  The milky-white of creamware also takes on the hue of what’s around it, reflecting it back.

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Dishes don’t have to match the rest of your décor, but you need to have a unifying theme.  China looks particularly wonderful if a few carefully chosen pieces are mixed and matched.

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If you’re displaying in a book case, don’t over do it, and be sure to add some actual books into the mix to give the eyes a place to rest.


When displaying dishes on a wall it is good to make sure that shapes are mixed up.  Some people go to vastly elaborate lengths to get the placing right… Life’s simply too short for that.  I lay them out on the floor to get the spacing about right then put them up.  If you get one or two slightly wrong – move it!  The plate itself will hide the hole and only you (and I) will know!

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The best thing about dishes is that they are a beautiful and INEXPENSIVE decoration.  Don’t have the budget for art?  Break out your grandma’s china and hang it.

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